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Episode Guide

Here is a guide to each episode of The TV Booth Podcast.

Episode 1: Erron Gordon

The first guest in The TV Booth is Erron Gordon, launch director of Good Morning Britain and Peston. We discuss the launch of GMB, how it was all put together, we discuss his television influences, and his role as a Hollywood film star.
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Episode 2: Mark Lipscomb

Mark Lipscomb was a continuity announcer for TVS, Thames and Carlton, as well as newsreader at Central South. We discuss his career as a continuity announcer and newsreader, his collection of television memorabilia, and a moment he’d rather forget!
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Episode 3: James Mobbs

Episode 3 of The TV Booth Podcast features broadcast graphic designer James Mobbs. He talks about his work on the refresh of BBC Breakfast, the forthcoming relaunch of Newsround, and his plans for the future as a freelance broadcast and brand designer.
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Episode 4: Mike Bushell

The BBC Breakfast sports presenter joined me to discuss his television life from his beginnings as a presenter for BBC South, to gracing the famous red sofa in Salford.
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Episode 5: Greg Scott (Coming Soon)

King of Quizmania, former Countdown warm-up man and contestant, Legend of Price Drop TV, and king of explains. Greggles will be joining me to look back on his television career.